Our History

The organization started as an evaluation and program development agency with its early years involved in national programs. For example, Enki started the Nutrition and Aging Services in 32 cities. This has now become the Senior Nutrition program at hundreds of sites. Enki service quality was so good that we were cited in the Congressional Record. Another large national project was evaluating the Bureau of Indian Affairs school system. This included testing 40,000 youngsters scattered from the Aleution Islands to Florida.

In the early 1970’s we started focusing more on California mental health. Some projects included the following:

A Study of California’s New Mental Health Law (1969-71), this was a three-year, federally funded study of the impact of the Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act on the commitment and treatment process. This was a statistical study with emphasis on Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco Counties. The state hospital system, county alternatives, and a cohort of five hundred patients were evaluated.

Evaluation of and Recommendations for San Diego County Mental Health Services, funded by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, this study evaluated the components and effectiveness of the County’s mental health program. The result was a reorganization plan and program improvement recommendations.

The Burden of the Mentally Disordered on Law Enforcement, this project was under contract to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and evaluated the effect of the mentally disordered on law enforcement and the juvenile justice system. As a result of the study and further consultation to the County, a major mental health program was developed within the criminal justice system.

California’s New Mental Health System, A Longitudinal Study, this project was to evaluate the long-term impact of the Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act on the development of local programs and patient status.

Evaluation of Mission Mental Health Center, San Francisco, Funded by the State Department of Mental Health to evaluate the effectiveness and operations of this CMHC.

Organized and conducted workshops to train SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) operators to provide special disabilities programs for mentally disordered patients.

Developing a program for serving the mentally disordered in the San Diego County criminal justice system.

Program Consultation to the following:

  • Casa Blanca Psychiatric Services since 1973
  • Sporup Sanitarium, Santa Cruz
  • Beverly Enterprises
  • California Association of Health Facilities
  • College Hospital, Cerritos

Direct Services:

  • Management of Tulare County Mental Health (1975-1985), Drug and Alcohol Services. This included three outpatient clinics, acute inpatient service, methadone detox, drug and alcohol treatment and prevention.
  • Tuolumne County Mental health, Drug and Alcohol services (1980-1990). Included are acute inpatient, outpatient, drug and alcohol services.
  • Psychiatric Health Facility – Developed first PHF in the San Francisco Bay area. This was a state funded pilot program.
  • Management services for Calaveras County Mental Health Department.

Information Systems – Enki had a data system component which developed the MIS application for Enki operated and County mental health programs.

Miscellaneous Services – In addition to county programs, other Enki programs have included:

  • Project OPPORTUNITY – an early intervention program to reach women at high risk (this program was recognized by the Federal Government as one of the 20 best in the U.S.).
  • Project INTERCHANGE – a program focused on adolescent early intervention and prevention.
  • CONREP Program – services to mentally disordered offenders.
  • Project HER – an alcohol prevention project focused on women.
  • Project YES – a county-wide health initiative focusing on reducing drug and alcohol use by adolescents, operating in all county schools funded by grants from Robert Wood Johnson and Kaiser Family Foundations.