School Linked Services

Our child and youth teams provide a comprehensive array of interventions to families with children and youth in underserved populations. Schools recognize that emotional support for students is as important as academic support.

Our school-linked services facilitate prevention and early intervention programming for children and teens at over 100 partner schools across Los Angeles County. Therapists from our five child and family clinics offer mental health services at schools in the neighborhoods near our clinics. Therapists work with students and their families and coordinate with teachers, school psychologists and school counselors to help surround students with the supports they need to grow and build resilience.

Are you interested in having your child receive school linked behavioral health services?

Please contact your child’s teacher, school principal, or school counselor to inquire if Enki has a formal relationship with your child’s school. If we do, the school will be able to directly refer your child to our services. If we do not, you can inquire with school staff if they already have a mental health provider partner that is on campus. If you are still interested in receiving services from Enki, please contact our Call Center at 1-866-227-1302.