Plan Your Visit

Please plan for your initial appointment to take 3-4 hours.

We want to help you get mental health services as quickly as possible. As a Medi-Cal certified, County contracted provider, Enki must follow all County, State, and Federal guidelines. This means that to be compliant with California law, we must collect the information below before providing services.

  1. Proof of address.
  2. Proof of Income.
  3. Identification Card (valid State or Federal picture ID).
  4. Medi-Cal card.
  5. Social Security card.
  6. Any legal or medical document(s) relevant to your intake appointment, i.e., Legal Guardianship, Minute Order, Hospital Discharge Paperwork, etc.

Please bring the documents listed above the day of your intake. If for some reason you do not have some of the required documents, please contact the Call Center at 866-227-1302 before the day of your intake so that our dedicated care team can help direct you. Please note, if you are missing any of the documentation listed above you will not be seen.

For telehealth appointments one of our financial workers will contact you to collect the required documents either virtually or 1-3 days before your intake, in-person at your assigned clinic. You may be asked to submit some of the documents securely via a service called DocuSign.

Please note that California Welfare and Institutions Code requires that a person receiving mental health services at a Los Angeles County operated or contracted facility will be responsible for the cost of those services in accordance with their ability to pay. It is imperative that you bring proof of income to the initial assessment so that we are compliant with California law.

You are required to notify your clinic immediately if there is a change in your financial situation including, but not limited to, a change in employment status, income, inheritance, cash assistance (e.g.: SSI, SSDI, General Relief (GR), etc.), Medi-Cal or other healthcare coverage such as Medicare or private/group insurance. Failure to notify this office of any change in your financial situation could lead to client/parent/guardian responsibility for the full cost of the care received from this program.