About Us

Enki Health Services, Inc. (Enki) is a non-profit corporation providing mental health services in Los Angeles, East Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley areas. The Corporation’s administrative office is in El Monte, California. Our mission statement is, “We are committed to working together to bring hope to our community by providing quality, responsive and progressive services.”

Enki started as an evaluation and program development agency with its early years involved in national programs. For example, Enki started the Nutrition and Aging Services in 32 cities which has now become the Senior Nutrition program at hundreds of sites. The outstanding Enki services in this project were recognized by Congress in the Congressional Record.

The Corporation is organized so that each program has the authority and responsibility necessary for its own operation. This has proven very effective in providing autonomy so that each program is responsive to the unique cultural needs of the community being served, while the central office offers support and supervision to ensure quality assurance.